Kukkiwon is the official taekwondo governing organization established by the South Korean government.  Their primary focus is to oversee ranking (KKW) and education (World Taekwondo Academy, a branch of KKW).

While the KKW has stated numerous times, in an effort to control quality, that all ranking will be mandatory through WTA certified examiners and Master Instructors for 1st-3rd Dan and a full board for 4th and above.

While this policy is not mandatory yet, the GTF has taken the initiative to establish a board to assist young instructors with their ranking and help maintain the level of quality that the KKW expects.

All GTF KKW testing board members are Certified Master Instructors, Certified Test Examiners, and USAT school owners.  Guest board examiners are Certified Master Instructors and Certified Test Examiners.

Testing is typically scheduled during late Spring and late Fall every year.

List of Current GTF Board Examiners


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